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FREE - LAND Real Estate , was founded in 2004 having as main activity real estate brokerage and consulting.

Viewing offers and guarantee correctness of the information in the presentation
Preparation of material for submission of tenders
Visit presentation of the offer
AAssistance in preparing the contract between the parties that made transactions
Real estate market research on areas of interest to potential investors
Feasibility studies on various projects in collaboration with other firms in the market, specialized in this area
Profitability studies and business plans for clients who want to invest in real estate

Contract drafting services for supply or demand Preparation the dossier with the offers which revealing clearly the legal status of the building and ensure these acts in front of potential buyers
Assistance in preparing the contract / pre-contract of sale or rental agreement between owner and buyer
Signing as a witness at closing of contracts and assistance in the event of litigation
Preparation and planning of signing the contract at the notary (for sale)
Assisting the buyer in front of a notary when signing the contract of sale purchase in original
Complex legal advice through a law firm specializing in business for large transactions

Presentation of fiscal rules in force such as VAT 24%, 5% VAT, the sales tax, notary fees, fixed costs for rent, etc..
Presentation of lending standards in the "first house", such as eligibility criteria, minimum income required, the maximum period, and interest income taken into account
Presentation standard credit terms of the main banks (the minimum necessary income, the maximum period of credit, and interest income taken into account)
Through a financial advisory firm specializing in audit, if large transactions or transactions through sale of shares

sale / buy commision 2 %
rent commision 50 % of the value of rent for one month
sale / buy commision agricultural lands and forrests 3 %

FREELAND Imobiliare comes to your attention with offers from the south of the Romanian seaside, presenting you with new investment opportunities, so your dream of having a property by the sea can become a reality !!!!

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